Beyond Twilight Post Policy

Here at Beyond Twilight our policy is to bring you everything Twilight. This includes books, movies, and projects that involve the actors. The one thing we do NOT do is not post anything that involves the actors in their private time. We do not and will not post paparazzi pictures unless they pertain to their job such as premiere or public appearances (Like Kimmel, etc...) that they go to promote their projects. So please know that as a huge Rob and Kristen fan I feel that we need to respect their privacy as well as every other celebrity. This is a Twilight blog dedicated to the books, Movies, and its stars. We are not a GOSSIP site. 
PS: I have one thing to add to this policy. We also do not post anything about family or friends of a cast member. They are a subject that is off limits. If they are in a picture with the celebrity at a function then that is different. Otherwise we do not talk or post things about them.
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