Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kristen Stewart: Pregnancy Rumors On The Loose

So the twitterverse has been running amok with rumors that Kristen is pregnant (Yet Again) for what has to be the 20th time this past year. Now I know many have their ideas, but what it gets right down to is you have no idea what goes on in her life. I for one think that the rumors are just that. Rumors. I have stated my opinion that I DO NOT think that she is pregnant.
Now I am not trying to be mean to those who think otherwise but unless there is REAL proof I am not buying what you are selling. I would love for the pic above to be true and it will be one day when she and Rob are ready for children.
Baby Girl
Now as I have stated before we may never know when they are having a kid because they might be so secretive and ninja about it you will never know a single thing. I just wish people would leave them alone and let them do their jobs and enjoy their lives together in peace.
If people want to go ahead and believe this story then by all means go ahead, I just don't want to hear crap when it turns out to be false yet again. But if by some strange twist of fate the story turns out to be true (not likely) I will be the first to gladly apologize. Bust as of right now I am not seeing any proof of any kind that supports the story.

I hope this is the last time I have to mention all this crap. I try not to get into the subject on twitter. But sometimes the sheer lunacy just drives you nuts until you just have to speak up. Now I respect each and every person I follow. So for me this is not a hate fest. I will not hate, disrespect, or unfollow  anyone for what they believe no matter how wrong it is.

So let's just respect Kristen and Rob and let them live their lives in peace. Sound good?

Until next time take care. xoxoxo


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